With less than 10% of companies, globally, fully hosted in the cloud (UCaaS), the potential for the industry is unlimited, and I want to be part of that growth. Attitude determines altitude and I have the expertise and drive to change a company’s revenue growth, almost immediately. With me, a company can expect an instant offense and uptick in energy.

Highlights of my career:

► Promoted six times in six years at iCore to increasingly challenging positions with an increase in earnings every year.

► Developed and promoted 30+ individuals to management/NAKA positions during my time at iCore; groomed one from an entry-level representative to a director in three years.

► Established offices in New York and Philadelphia for iCore, recruited and hired staff, and grew sales from zero to $10 million in less than 12 months.

► Turned around an under-performing team in Baltimore and, in three weeks, increased the average sales per representative from $12,500 to $132,000.

► Played a critical role in positioning iCore for a $92 million sale.

My energy and enthusiasm enable me to outwork and outperform both internal and external competition and my product knowledge and sales skills have helped me become an elite sales professional.