Executive Session: Digital Transformation - Your Mileage May Vary!

There is a new “syndrome” out there.  It is called “Vague and Nebulous TechnoBuzzwords that sound cool to my boss, mean Nothing concrete, but I still have to implement it tomorrow Fatigue.”  Maybe you have it and your career has silently slipped into a Dilbert Cartoon.  Symptoms include: a soft glazing over of the eyes and thoughts of creating drinking games whenever you hear terms like “Digital Transformation,” “DevOps,” and “CloudScale.”  Severe cases include people metaphorically sticking their fingers in their ears and crying “la-la-la” until that mean old salesperson, or newscaster, goes away.

What causes it?  Is it serious?  Is there a way for us mere mortals to understand what is real and what is hysteria?  What do they want? How do I do it?   Is there anything I can do to better understand What is; What isn’t; and What Should Never Be?